Sharing Caring in Harmony

Sharing Caring in Harmony
07 Nov 2017

Being an Eco Villa, Theanna Eco Villa and Spa, Canggu – Bali believes in sustainable tourism. One of the component of sustainable tourism is hiring staff locally (from, Canggu and Bali),  paying them just wages and providing training in their respected areas. Not only that, as we believe our staff is a key asset in our company, we want to ensure that our staff as well as their families’ well-being are well maintained to give an assist to our honeymoon guest villa in bali.

At Theanna Eco Villa and Spa, Canggu – Bali, we believe happy staff creates happy guest. Thus it is no wonder, throughout our review from numerous sources the genuinity, helpfulness & kindness of our staff has been positive throughout.

One of the way we try to maintain our staff’s well being is through travelling together. So far, Theanna Eco Villa and Spa Team has done 2 group travels, with more to follow. The first one was to Bromo, East Java & second one was to Jakarta.

This travels not only gives a chance for them to relax and refresh from their daily routine it also gives them an opportunity to be on the other side of the experience, ie. being a “guest” for once. Furthermore, it improves their team work and team spirit as well as broaden their knowledge and skills about hospitality industry.

Here are some of the happy faces behind Theanna Eco Villa and Spa (from all discipline including accounting, sales, front office, housekeeping, security, chef, waitress, etc) during their recent travels to East Java.

We promise to post more photos of the second trip to Jakarta soon.

PS. Can you recognize them out of their uniform? And who’s your favorite? Comment are most welcome and please do drop us a comment for suggestion for our next batch for group outing!

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