Bali Beaches

Last year, holiday lovers on TripAdvisor voted Bali their number 1 favourite destination, ahead even of London, Rome, New York and Paris. And make no mistake, a big reason for that is Bali’s magical beaches, resplendent in their white and black sands, unparalleled sunsets and outstandingly beautiful coastal backdrops.

Bali’s beaches are simply spectacular. Cut straight out of a castaway fantasy, the wistful coastal landscapes and dream-like beaches are as many, varied and diverse as they are beautiful. Whether you’re lying on white powdery sand flanked by a tranquil turquoise lagoon, or strolling along a black-sanded cove, Bali’s beaches are as stunning as they are seductive.

Whether you’re a surfer, family, lover, escape artist, local or casual tourist, every gorgeous Bali beach has its own personality to match yours, and the list of stunning sandy destinations is almost endless. Bali’s beaches are the most obvious reason to visit this tropical paradise, whether you’re looking for calm waters and soft white sand, striking limestone cliffs, luxurious tourist hotspots or remote, hidden treasures. There’s a Bali beach for every person, need, want and mood.

6 unforgettable Canggu beaches


Oct 2017

6 unforgettable Canggu beaches

There’s plenty you can do at Theanna Eco Village and Spa: chill out in your private pool or tropical garden, breathe out and get pampered with a Spa treatment, ask the staff to make you a cocktail, stroll down to the local entertainment hubs, or take a scooter to Seminyak, the cosmopolitan heart of Bali. But here’s something you definitely want to do when you’re...

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