If you think Bali as a whole is simply stunning, wait until you discover the treasures that await you in Canggu Bali.

Here at Theanna Eco Canggu Villas and Spa, we’re proud to offer you luxury Villa accommodation that is more than a match for the stunning beauty of Canggu – a small, pristine and peaceful beach village that’s just a short hop from the bustle of Kuta and Seminyak.

The gentle breeze of Canggu

If you really want to relax and unwind on the island Paradise of Bali, put Canggu at the top of your list.

Perfectly located just 20 minutes north of Seminyak and halfway to Bali’s most important landmark Tanah Lot Temple, Canggu Bali is a serene beach village and incredible 8km stretch of rural coastline. It’s one of Bali’s most brilliant little secrets and the perfect place to call home during your peaceful Bali adventure.

‘Canggu’ is also used to refer to a larger coastal stretch of about 8km running north from the village of Berawa (just north of Seminyak) to the village of Cemagi (just south of Tanah Lot). Along the way, Canggu takes in Batu Bolong Beach, Echo Beach, Nelayan Beach, Pererenan Beach, Selasih Beach, Seseh Beach and Mengening Beach. Away from the beaches, Canggu is still a largely rural area but it is developing rapidly.

Beautiful beaches

You’ve never seen an endless beach horizon like this! Canggu may be a humble beach village, but all around it you’ll find some of the best beaches in Bali and beyond.

It’s a roll-call of beach brilliance: Berawa Beach, Nelayan Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Echo Beach, Pererenan Beach – the list goes on. You’ll find awesome surfing, excellent bars and dining, untouched stretches of sand, perfect family wading, amazing temples, sensational views,

Seaside serenity

It’s not just the sand that will catch your eye. Look beyond Canggu’s gently swinging tropical palm trees and you’ll find a hip, trendy place that is becoming somewhere you simply can’t miss in beautiful Bali.

Between the lush rice fields and world-class cafes are popping up all the time – but it still doesn’t take away Canggu Bali’s status as a sleepy, uncrowded place to wander the local market or chat to the friendly locals about the surf.

Canggu Bali is the best of Paradise!

We think Canggu Bali is the absolute best of Bali! That’s because it has it all: healthy cafes, dining & nightlife. Vibrant beachfront bars, tourist shopping, surf waves, rice fields and volcanic black sand beaches. Canggu Bali is less a place, and more a state of mind!

What can you do in and around Canggu?

Pronounced “Chang-goo” but commonly called “The goo” by the hipsters, there’s more to do in Canggu than sipping a sunset cocktail!

Put one of the trendy wall murals on a hipster cafe on Instagram as you start to explore the healthy food heaven of Canggu Bali. Or how about taking in the island’s history and spirituality with a short trek to the famous Tanah Lot Temple? A Bali market is never far away, and neither is the perfect wave to surf or the next stunning beach sunset.

But do you know what? Whether it’s peace and serenity you seek or somewhere to explore and have fun, there are a million ways to ‘do Canggu’ right. Need to know more? The friendly staff at Theanna Eco Villas and Spa don’t just offer stunning Canggu accommodation, but plenty of priceless insights about this most beautiful of Bali locations. Get in touch to enquire about our accommodation and stunning Canggu today!