The Best Waterfalls in Bali

The Best Waterfalls in Bali
05 Feb 2019

Tegenungan water fall by laurent7624 licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 

Bali is home to amazing waterfalls which can make the decision of which ones to visit even more difficult. Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the three best waterfalls you must visit on your next adventure to beautiful Bali.

1. Tegenungan, Ubud

Ubud is only around an hour’s drive from Canngu which makes it an easy waterfall to visit via Uber or moped. Typically, you might look for waterfalls in the highlands area but not this one. On your trip to this waterfall, you’ll also get the chance to visit a beautiful temple. There are even natural springs, perfect for relaxing under the sun, and it’s the perfect place to take photos.

2. Sekumpul Waterfall – Singaraja

This waterfall will give you a chance to explore the depths and beauty of North Bali. Tourists tend to avoid this area so it will give you the chance to explore the lesser-known regions, including this beautiful waterfall. There are two waterfalls to visit here, but this one is considered the most beautiful.

It’s a perfect waterfall destination for those who love a bit of adventure as you’ll need to cross a river with over 100 slippery steps (it’s worth it!). You’ll be greeted with seven stunning waterfalls, each one reaching higher and higher into the trees, and the biggest showcasing a fantastic 80m fall.

3. Nungnung Waterfall

This waterfall is again only one hour away via Uber or moped and it’s a beauty to behold. As you approach Nungnung Waterfall, you’ll be amazed that it sits 900m above sea level. It’s located in a quieter spot and you’ll need to hike up 500 steps to reach it, but as you hear the thunderous noises of the waterfall, you’ll know you’re almost there. This is one of Bali’s best waterfalls, and if you head out early, you may even have the spot to yourself for a while.

Do not forget your camera, as you’ll want to take photos and record this amazing waterfall, but perhaps it’s a good idea to put your camera in a waterproof case, just in case!

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