5 of our favourite fresh Bali markets

5 of our favourite fresh Bali markets
28 May 2018

Think fresh food is a little bland and boring? You must not have visited a bustling, colour-popping fresh food market in Bali. Because it’s here that all your senses will pop.

In the island paradise, the friendly locals are humble but they sure love their food – and the fresher the better! The fresh markets in Bali are so fresh that you can be eating a grilled fish straight from a Balinese fishing boat within 10 minutes, or be filling up a basket loaded with tropical fruits, veggies, spices, flowers and rice before the morning sun even rises.

Here are 5 of our absolute favourite fresh food markets:

1. Pancasari Market, Bedugul

If you’re venturing into the central Balinese highlands, you must visit this fabulously traditional farmer’s market.

It’s less touristy than the nearby Candi Kuning Market, and you’ll still need to get up nice and early. But it’s really worth the effort, because of the variety – it’s a truly open marketplace, populated by the stalls of all sorts of local farmers.

Top tip: If you’re into familiar tastes, we recommend some Bali-style bananas and strawberries … YUM! And if you’re feeling adventurous, try something a little more exotic like mangosteens and tamarillos.

2. Taman Sari Market

When in Seminyak, please make sure to get up super-duper early for the Taman Sari Market.

You’ll get everything fresh you could possibly imagine, as it serves not only Seminyak but also Kerobokan, the gateway to Bali. That means it’s something particularly special, because the earliest stalls open before sunrise and the latest stay open long after sunset.

Top tip: Wait until the sun goes down and have your dinner from an authentic Balinese street food stall. May we recommend a deep fried banana fritter?

3. Jimbaran Market, Jimbaran

The really cool thing about these fresh food markets is the insight into authentic Balinese daily life and culture – and the local Jimbaran Market is perhaps one of the best examples.

It’s where the Jimbaran villagers buy the groceries they’ll be using for that day, and it’s a colourful, bustling and seriously lively affair.

Top tip: For an Instagram moment, #JimbaranMarket is perfect. You can also grab your fresh seafood for the day from the nearby Kedonganan Market.

4. Semarapura Market, Klungkung

Not sure where to find the Semarapura Market? If you spot the incredible ‘Hall of Justice’ building, formerly the Semarapura Palace, you’re not far away. And once you’ve finished at the market, head back over to the Kerta Gosa and browse over 100 epic Hindu paintings.

Top tip: Get to the three-storey market early enough and you will get any fresh ingredient you fancy. After 7am, you can grab some awesome local jewellery and crafts.

5. Sindhu Market, Sanur

If you google Sindhu Market, you’d have the impression that it’s a night market – and you’d be right! But that’s only half the story.

Sindhu is another Balinese market that almost never sleeps, because it’s actually at sunrise that you’ll find most early-rising locals picking out their fresh meat, poultry, fruit & veg and spices for the day’s cooking.

Top tip: Visually, Sindu is a ‘modern’ Balinese market, with over a hundred stalls all in a row and covered in ceramic tiles. But just as at a ‘traditional’ market, you’ll still need to bargain hard!

If what you want is the authentic Bali experience, you must visit the local fresh food markets – a colourful, fresh and bustling taste of daily life on the island paradise. Just make sure to get up nice and early, brush up on how to respectfully bargain, and take a punt on a new fresh flavour beyond your wildest dreams!


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