5 of the Best Monuments and Statues to Visit in Bali

5 of the Best Monuments and Statues to Visit in Bali
01 Aug 2018

If you ask recent visitors to Bali what they loved the most, you could get a thousand different answers. Perhaps it’s the idyllic beaches, wonderful people, local food or natural beauty. Or all of the above!

Many, though, are left absolutely gobsmacked by the incredible monuments and statues. Culture, religion and spirituality run deep in beautiful Bali, and there’s no better evidence of that than the numerous monuments and statues you can visit and admire.

Here are some which are not to be missed:

1. Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park – Jimbaran


If you want to indulge in lavish culture, you can’t miss the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue. It’s the tallest statue you’ll find on any of the Indonesian islands and built to appeal to tourists. Inspired by a Hindu myth about the quest for the elixir of life, its 121-metre height is something to behold.

The only catch? It’s still being completed, but when it is, it will be taller even than the Statue of Liberty.

2. Bajra Sandhi Monument – Denpasar

Bajra Sandhi Monument

Like the Garuda Wisnu Kencana, this one is also hard to miss. In fact, the Bajra Sandhi monument is a major landmark in Denpasar, smack bang in the centre of Renon Square. Not sure what you’re looking at? It’s a Hindu priest’s ‘bajra’, which is a praying bell, but inside is a museum that pays tribute to the struggles of Bali’s incredible people. (Image source : Wikipedia)

3. Catur Muka Statue – Denpasar


Although not far away from the Bajra Sandhi, the Catur Muka statue is more modest, standing at 9 metres and made entirely of pure granite. It’s a depiction of the almighty Brahma, with the God’s four faces pointing out to the four directions of the compass. (Image source : guide.baligolive.com)

4. Giant Baby Statue – Gianyar

Giant Baby

At the intersection of three highways in Gianyar, you’ll find a statue that resembles a giant baby. Some locals might tell you that, during a full moon, it cries for its absent mother, and that no one knows who built it. Actually, it’s a depiction of Hindu God Sang Hyang Brahma Lelare as an infant, and locals take it very seriously by holding ceremonies and leaving offerings. (Image source : kintamani.id)

5. Ground Zero Monument – Kuta


No one will or should forget the 202 people, including 88 Australians, who died in the 2002 Bali bombings. To help remember them, a beautifully simple and elegant monument carved from stones was erected at ‘ground zero’ in Kuta, listing the name of every single victim. Thousands visit the hallowed site every year to pay their respects and reflect upon the terrible tragedy. (Image source : Wikipedia.org)

Theanna Canggu Villas provide the perfect base from which to travel to these powerful statues and monuments. Although many were built quite recently (and some are still under construction), it’s the perfect way to learn about Indonesian history and Bali’s incredible culture and spirituality.


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