5 amazing things to do in Canggu Bali

5 amazing things to do in Canggu Bali
10 Oct 2017

Recent visitors to Bali may have returned with a bit of a gem of advice: if you do nothing else on your next trip, visit Canggu. Although small, Canggu Bali is absolutely soaring in popularity, and it’s pretty clear why – it’s the best of absolutely everything the beautiful Indonesian island has to offer.

In a nutshell, Canggu has something for everyone – and much more than just cool cafes, markets and shops. So, what else can you get up to?

1. Surf on a safe, sandy beach

While Canggu is getting a reputation as the best ‘alternative’ place to visit and stay in Bali, the area used to be popular primarily among avid surfers.

In fact, Canggu Bali is a brilliant place not only for the surfing aficionados who need a reliable break but also for the keen novice thanks to the safe, soft and sandy beaches which are ideal for trying out your rented surfboard and surfing lessons.

2. Visit Tanah Lot at sunset

You may not have heard of Canggu, but you’ve probably heard of Tanah Lot – the most famous temple in Bali.

Visitors to Tanah Lot who accidently timed their visit with sunset will have been nothing less than blown away by the beauty of the flaming sun backdrop.

3. Tune in to ‘Echo Beach’

However, Tanah Lot can get busy with tourists at sunset – but that’s just because of how spectacular it is. But that Canggu sunset beauty can be taken in from elsewhere – try Batu Bolong, Berawa, Perenenan or Nelayan beaches.

Or if you want to get your groove on, head to Batu Mejan, which is otherwise known as ‘Echo Beach’. Be sure to pack the famous 1979 Martha and the Muffins song and remember the lyrics: “The only thing that helps pass the time away / Is knowing I’ll be back at Echo Beach some day.”

4. Ride ‘the shortcut’

With its soaring tourism popularity, it’s harder to find Canggu’s old rice fields these days – unless you know ‘the shortcut’. It’s actually no big secret: simply ask one of the amazing Canggu locals what ‘the shortcut’ is and they’ll be delighted to point out the way. And once you find it, you’ll never forget it!

Nothing can describe what awaits, but basically, it’s a unique, paved road between Batu Bolong and Berawa, and it’s where you’ll be able to take in the amazing sights that surround you. Just be aware that the road is narrow and elevated – and plenty of people have fallen into the rice fields that lie below!

5. Ride a horse

Plenty of people absolutely love taking in Bali on a rented motorbike, but there’s also a way to turn up the serenity and turn down the horsepower – and it’s in Canggu. We’re talking about heading to one of several stables in the local area and taking in a unique tour on horseback.

And finally … stay in a luxury villa in Canggu Bali

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