4 Reasons Bali Luxury Villa is a Wise Choice

4 Reasons Bali Luxury Villa is a Wise Choice
09 Mar 2018

It’s no secret that Bali is one of the most captivating places on Earth to visit. It’s not just the stunning beaches, the picturesque rice paddies, friendliest of friendly locals or the profound spirituality – it’s all of that and much more.

But how exactly to do that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Bali is a little less obvious. There are now impressive five-star hotels on the beautiful island and cool resorts – but an increasingly popular pick is to choose from among the best Bali luxury villas.

Now, it’s impossible to describe in mere words why choosing to stay in private Bali luxury villas like those at Theanna Eco Villa & Spa is something you’ll never regret. But here are some of the headline benefits:

1. Absolute privacy

Of course, you didn’t go all the way to Bali to hide away – but the big benefit of Bali luxury villas is that your privacy is guaranteed, and your hideaway is there when you need it.

Feel like a midnight skinny dip in your private pool? No one else will know but you! Want to be sure you’ll get the best sun lounger for your afternoon Pina colada? Get a Bali luxury villa and it’s all yours – all the time!

2. Indulge in luxury

It sounds obvious that a Bali luxury villa will bring a touch of luxury to your life, but it really is true. Tossing up between a five-star hotel and a villa? Just make sure your accommodation is like what Theanna Eco Villa & Spa has to offer, and you won’t regret your choice.

You’ll also be amazed at the price, with luxury in Bali accessible on just about every budget.

3. Save money

If you’re weighing up between a luxury resort and a Bali luxury villa, you’re also in for good news – you’ll have plenty of Indonesian Rupiahs left over for the trip back home if you opt for the latter.

4. Choose the perfect location

As we said, there are now a few great five-star hotels in Bali – but there are many of Bali luxury villas all over Bali, including in some especially cool locations like Canggu. You won’t have far to go to visit the famous Tanah Lot, awesome markets, cafes and restaurants are within walking distance, and it’s easier than ever to fit in and mingle with the locals.

Convinced that a Bali luxury villa might be a great choice for your next visit to the beautiful island? Theanna Eco Villa & Spa’s options are among the most stunning of all, within shouting distance of the beach and guaranteeing intimacy, luxury and privacy when you most need it. Get in touch today.


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