Our 3 favourite weekend markets in Canggu

Our 3 favourite weekend markets in Canggu
10 Nov 2018

As far as amazing weekend markets go, Canggu is definitely the place to be on the beautiful island of Bali.

It’s the perfect destination for an eclectic mix of traditional-meets-cosmopolitan market shopping, appealing to those hunting a bargain as well as the most discerning seeker of luxury items – and everybody in between!

Markets are a quintessential part of everyday life in Bali, where not only shopping is done. It’s also where the locals, expats and visitors socialise, gossip and meet up with friends and family.

And Canggu is absolutely Bali’s favourite mecca for artisan goods, so make sure to leave some space in your suitcase for arts, crafts, jewellery, souvenirs and more grabbed from our favourite Canggu markets.

Here are our favourite Canggu markets that we want you to celebrate too:

1. Samadi Sunday Market

Open every single Sunday from morning until 2pm, the Samedi market is where Canggu’s local artisans and organic farmers absolutely thrive.

In fact, many visitors to Canggu can’t wait for Sundays to come around, as they quickly discover that it’s the place to be every single week.

You’ll find laughter, music, great local food, the freshest of fresh produce, and an unmistakable community feel. Kids play, yoga students get together, and the most delicious foods all wait to be snapped up at 9am sharp – so don’t be late!

2. Love Anchor

More a hipster village than a market, Balinese market lovers will nonetheless absolutely love what’s on offer at Love Anchor.

Famous in Canggu, it’s the restaurant and shopping capital that is surrounded by rice paddies and just a perfect 1-kilometre stroll from the beach. It started out as a weekend market, but now it’s the daily bazaar that you can visit each and every day – and all the way until 10pm on weeknights!

Look out for the breathtaking and traditional Joglo-style building, and stay for the unforgettable mix of shopping, entertainment and beautiful traditional-meets-modern Balinese food. And once 10pm rolls around, stroll out and into a nearby bar and restaurant in the thriving and trendy local area.

3. Old Man’s Saturday Market

But for Canggu’s biggest market, you’ll need to head to Old Man’s!

What will you find there? Where shall we start? It’s organic produce, food, handmade arts and crafts, jewellery, clothes and so much more.

It takes place on the last Saturday of every month, and it’s more than worth the wait. Those doing the selling are the most creative that can be found in Canggu, but if you’re simply wanting a snack or a delicious dessert, you’ll have plenty to choose from as well.

Staying at Theanna Eco Villa and Spa? You’re definitely the lucky ones because you can arrive at the Canggu market of your choice bright and early to grab the freshest produce and the coolest souvenirs before they’re snapped up like hotcakes. Want more tips about our favourite local markets? Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist!

(image credit : https://www.samadibali.com/organic-sunday-market/)


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